Joie Davidow

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Editing Services

Prepare your manuscript for publication

 In the past year, I have prepared more than a dozen books for publication, in genres ranging from memoir to fantasy and sci-fi to YA and children's novels, self-help, and inspirational handbooks.

Initial conversation

I want to know your goals for the book, the problems or obstacles that worry you, your timetable, and your intended audience. Before we begin working together, I'll understand what you need and how I can help you.

Edit and polish

I'll edit your book using MSWord with track changes. I'll polish your sentences, correct your spelling and grammar, look for inconsistencies in plot and character development, research your references, and deliver a finished manuscript.I'm happy to convert your document from Google docs, Pages or

Author Review

You'll be able to review my changes and comments and reject or accept each edit individually. You'll also receive a separate document with my notes and suggestions, and we'll talk about the next steps going forward.

Final review

If necessary, I'll take another look at your work, reviewing any additional changes you may have made, and format the book for publishing.


How soon will have an edited copy?

A full-length book of up to 130,000 words usually requires about a month's works. Shorter books, of course, take less time.

Will the book still sound l like me?

Absolutely, whether you are writing memoir or urban fiction, my goal is to respect your unique voice. My only concern is that you get your message through to your reader.

Can you help me if the book includes images?

Yes, I can help you with the sizing and placement of images.

Will I still be able to contact you after the project has been completed ?

Yes, of course. I'm on your team and I'm always ready to offer help or answer a question or offer help.

Can you help me self-publish?

Yes, I often create a KPF or ePub file for clients, which is directly uploadable to Kindle or other platforms. I can also help you with cover design.


Line and copy edit, developmental feedback $12 per 1,000 words

Once we agree on terms, you receive an invoice for half the fee and I'll start work once payment is received. The balance will be invoiced after I have sent you the completed manuscript.


Young adult novel

Joie's edits and suggestions were exactly what I was hoping for. My novel was 30% too long when I passed it over to her, and she found great ways to "trim the fat" and remove things that weren't necessary for the flow of the story, yet nothing feels left out. She was sensitive to retain my tone, but found brilliant ways of bolstering scenes, moods, and dialogue in a clean and succinct way. When she encountered passages that needed reworking, she provided considerate guidance that made a world of difference. She provided exceptional proofreading, as well as several tips for strengthening my characters. She also found some errors I made with my story's complex timeline, for which I am eternally grateful. She completed both of my UpWork milestones days early. She responds quickly to my questions, and all of our communications have been a pleasure. I already have ideas drafted for a second book, and will certainly hire her again. Thank you so much, Joie! You are an artist!

Romance novel

Joie did an exceptional job of going through my entire manuscript. As a first time author, I wasn’t sure what the editing process looked like. She made it very easy to understand and was thorough in her edits of language, punctuation, clauses, etc. She also did an exceptional job of enhancing the character development and plot and cutting away unnecessary text. Highly recommend her services. Thank you Joie.

Three-part sci-fi series

Joie was a pleasure to work with. Not only is she an exceptional proofreader, but she also pays attention to structural considerations and is able to elevate your work by making suggestions that do nothing but improve it. She was prompt and her communication skills are stellar. My manuscript is long, nearly 900 pages. The story is involved, and the characters complex and diverse. She was able to correct every logical inconsistency front to finish and make critical motivational observations that clarified and made for much easier reading. She will never steamroll your style. She made thousands of grammatical improvements and corrected tense and style issues of the most subtle kind with what I can only describe as editorial artistry. Enough of all that. Let me put it this way: if you can find a better editor, you just let me know.  

Historical novel

Joie was very responsive. She has a sharp eye for detail, and she really helped me take my manuscript to the next level. As a first-time author, I had a lot of questions. Joie made sure each one of these questions was answered thoroughly so that I understood every step of the process. Her edits were concise and her comments were constructive. I highly recommend her!