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"While I know many writers/editors, none have the practical experience and knowledge Joie provides. She’s a kind, respectful editor who has worked with dozens of writers, beginners to experienced. Her writing workshops in Rome, Italy, are sold out within hours of her announcing them. She’s guiding several authors in Europe and in the United States through current books, fiction and memoir, some of them well-known artists. She’s read and revised most of my books since we met in the mid 1990’s and she’s usually the first person who gets to read my manuscripts, before even my editor or agent. So you understand I trust her implicitly and can’t imagine recommending anyone else to help you with your proposal. If she has the time, you’ll be lucky to have her on your side."
— Esmeralda Santiago,
best-selling author of When I Was Puerto Rican and Conquistadora

Private Sessions at my Umbrian Farmhouse
Spend a day at my farmhouse in the beautiful Umbrian countryside and improve your writing skills. You'll receive a workbook and a personal bootcamp experience, lunch, and transfers to and from the station for the forty-minute ride to Rome. Available for one person or small groups.

Creative Writing Bootcamp Online
My two-hour 13-lecture course is now available online. Give yourself a head start with this crash course,  designed to introduce you to the tools of the craft and get your creativity going. The course is great for new writers as well as anyone who needs to kickstart a project. If you already taken one of my courses, you'll be able to brush up by referring to the videos whenever and wherever you like.

Private Sessions
Sessions can be held in person or via Skype, and are tailored to the individual needs of the writer. I will hold your hand, encourage and guide you through the process of writing a book; help focus and polish a manuscript; or get you started through a series of writing exercises and assignments. Sessions are available at your convenience from anywhere in the world via Skype or Zoom.

Editing and Coaching
Working on a book, story, article, essay? Private coaching and editing to help you refine your work or get you through it from start to finish. Fees on request.

Manuscript review and feedback  
Developmenetal editing
Line editing  
Preparation for publishing  

Peer Groups
Active writers meet to share their work, receiving encouragement and helpful suggestions under my guidance.  It's fun, relaxing, and everyone's work benefits. The ongoing group meets virtually via Skype one Saturday each month from 10:30 - 12:30. Fee: €25 per session
For more information contact JoieDavidow@gmail.com

Writer's Workshops
Held in a relaxed atmosphere, these intimate workshops, limited to six participants, are tailored to improve the skills and unlock the creativity of published authors and beginning writers alike.
In a series of supportive sessions, participants, who will be encouraged to read pages of their own work, will receive constructive criticism and support. We'll read excerpts of the work of great authors, analyzing them to discover the techniques that make them wonderful, learning how to apply these lessons in our own writing. Instructor Joie Davidow will lead you through the process of finding an idea, writing a first draft, self-editing and rewriting, with focus on clarity and structure, finding a distinctive voice, grabbing and holding the reader's attention.

This is a chance to strengthen your writing abilities under the guidance of an award-winning professional, who has been a full-time editor, journalist and author for the past thirty years. Whether you are finishing a novel or just want to improve your written presentations, you will benefit from these enjoyable sessions, where the philosophy is to avoid the academic, eschewing "rules" of writing, while providing tools of the craft and focusing on the particular talents of each individual.

Past participants have finished novels, published stories in national magazines and used their improved writing skills in a variety of professional situations.

Fees: Eight group sessions €200.
Groups meet virtually due to Covid 19.
For more information contact JoieDavidow@gmail.com

Creative Writing Bootcamp
For the beginner or the experienced writer who wants to brush up on the craft, a fun and relaxed day-long workshop covering all the tools of the trade, from developing characters to evoking time and place, building a compelling plot and writing with style. 
Through a combination of lectures and exercises we’ll dissect the work of esteemed authors to find out what makes great writing great, and learn the common errors that make bad writing bad. We’ll write short practice pieces and share them, discover the habits of successful writers and learn a bit about the publishing industry and how it works.
A light lunch is served. Held in Rome, or at my farmhouse in Umbria.  

Please contact JoieDavidow@gmail.com

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