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I am the author of five published books, a journalist and editor, the founder of two award-wining magazines — L.A. Style and  — and a co-founder of the L.A. Weekly newspaper.

My next book, a historical novel, is Anything but Yes, the true story of a young woman’s struggle to defend her identity in the face of relentless attempts to destroy it.  In 1749, 18 year-old Anna del Monte was seized at gunpoint from her home in the Jewish ghetto in Rome and thrown into a convent cell at the Casa dei Convertiti, the house of converts. With no access to the outside world, she withstood endless lectures, threats, promises, isolation and sleep deprivation, at times nearly succumbing, then finding a new source of inner strength. Were she to utter the simple word “yes,” she risked forced Baptism, which would mean never returning to her home, and total loss of contact with any Jew— mother, father, brother, sister — for the rest of her life.  Even in Rome, very few people know the story of the Ghetto or the abduction of Jews, the story of popes ever more intent on converting every non-Catholic living in the long shadow of the Vatican.

In addition to writing my own books, it has been my privilege and pleasure to work with writers — from beginners to accomplished authors — for more than a decade. In workshops and private sessions, I have guided clients from rough draft through polished manuscript, and seen them find agents, publish stories and grow into fine writers.

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Rome, Saturday, May 11, 10:30-12:30 am. Are you working on an ongoing writing project, or beginning to explore the craft? Join us for a morning of shared work, encouragement and a constructive suggestions. This mentored writers group is led by m For more information, or to reserve a spot, please email me at

Creative Writing Bootcamp Online
My two-hour 13-lecture course is now available online.
Give yourself a head start with this crash course,  designed to introduce you to the tools of the craft and get your creativity going. The course is great for new writers as well as anyone who needs to kickstart a project.











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