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C0ming from Arcade Publishing, March 16, 2021

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"Readers will be swept along with the trio, and Davidow writes beautifully about the artistic vision and technical demands involved in
singing opera. The varied settings feel exquisitely vibrant, from chic, restful Baden-Baden, in
Germany’s Black Forest, to politically fraught Paris during France’s Second Republic."
— Sarah Johnson, Booklist

"In prose as tender as Turgenev's feelings for the legendary diva, Davidow weaves a nineteenth century tale of helpless obsession and undaunted love."
 — Elizabeth Cobbs, bestselling author of The Hamilton Affair

“Lyrical and dramatic, like the best operas,  Joie Davidow’s AN UNOFFICIAL MARRIAGE guides us on an emotional journey against the backdrop of stormy historical events. Brava!”
 —Esmeralda Santiago, bestselling author of Conquistadora and When I Was Puerto Ric